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Job Oriented IP Paralegal Training Program

This program is designed to help you start career as Paralegal in law firms and MNCs. 

Teacher: iipta teacher

Job Oriented Patent Analyst Program for Mechanical Engineer

Get our step by step course to get a high paying job in the mechanical engineering industry.

  1. Understand the concept of patents in the mechanical engineering industry so that you can architect a corporate strategy
  2. The tools you'll need to be an effective patent analyst
  3. The Patent Analysis Trends that connects the dots between patent data and innovation
  4. The Patent Search Strategy on various software that helps in finding relevant results from millions of databases.
  5. The 6 types of intellectual property that forms the backbone of manufacturing industry
  6. Understanding Patent Laws of three countries - India, the US, and Europe
  7. Choose from 12 different projects of technical analysis from the advance battery technology, refrigeration system to medical devices
  8. The 60-Second Planner document that makes patent searching and analysis a breeze
  9. 6 simple step procedure from patent application till grant in India, US, and Europe
  10. The proven guidelines for patenting in the manufacturing sector especially related to aerospace, automobile, environmental, chemical and green energy industry.
  11. Patent Portfolio Analysis of Tesla, GM, Nissan, Toyota, etc.
  12. 20+ patent visualization tools 
  13. The 11 Point Check and trends to analyze futuristic technology
  14. The patent application drafting tools and techniques
  15. The 9 various types of patent analysis report including patentability analysis, novelty analysis, prior art analysis, technology landscape analysis, patent portfolio analysis.
  16. PLUS... you will get the case studies from your industry

Job Oriented Patent Analyst Training Program April 2019 updated

This program is designed to train participants for entry level in area of Intellectual Property. This program prepares you for patent analyst jobs.